The NARSissist Palette

As some of you may know, I lusted after the NARSissist palette ever since I first saw leaked pictures of it on Instagram last November. I raved and rhapsodized about it on twitter, and could not wait to get my sticky paws on it.
Then NARS is their utter madness infinite wisdom, saw fit to release it at the start of February. The start of FEBRUARY!!! I ask you. When everyone is skint after Christmas and the longest month of the year. Needless to say I was stoney broke, and therefore gutted that I missed out when it sold out almost instantly as I had predicted. So when it finally came back into stock in a few select places in early June I swiftly placed an order and parcel motel’d it to myself.

Look at her there, isn’t she beautiful??










14 out of the 15 shades are part of the permanent collection (though many from duos) and 1 is a limited edition from the Christmas 2013 campaign. They’re roughly half the size of a full size single, which cost €25 a pop, so €49 for 15 eyeshadows is a damn good deal in my book.

The shades are as follows:

Row 1, left to right: All About Eve #1, Madrague #2, Fez, Bali, Coconut Grove.

Row 2, left to right: Madrague #1, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse #2, Mekong.

Row 3, left to right: Bellissima #1, Lhasa, Bad Behaviour, Dogon #2, Pandora #2.

The only colours I already had in my collection are Lhasa (one of my favourites) and Coconut Grove, and I’d be perfectly happy to have backups of both. Some reviews I’d read said the colours aren’t as pigmented as their full size counterparts. I haven’t noticed this in my 2 duplicates, but I can’t comment on the other shades. As usual with NARS eyeshadows, I find them to be pigmented, silky, easy to blend, not too much in the way of fallout, but a little with some of the darker shades. If I’m going for a really smoky look I usually do my eyes first (regardless of eyeshadow brand) so that I can apply base and concealer afterwards and not have it ruined with dark fallout, it can be ruined with my dark circles instead ;D. I alternate between NARS Smudge Proof & Urban Decay Primer Potion and both work equally well with these shadows, they stay true to how they applied til they’re removed and don’t settle into the crease.

Overall I am delighted with the palette, would my life have been incomplete without it? No, but it is a wonderful mix of cool and warm neutrals that I will get so much use out of and it will be great for holidays as you can get so many looks out of the one palette that you wouldn’t need to bring any other eyeshadows with you.

Again, this may be out of stock again, but if you see it, and have the available funds….snap it up quickly, you won’t regret it.






8 thoughts on “The NARSissist Palette

  1. I’m late to the Narsissist Palette Party too!
    Only picked it up a couple of weeks ago in the States.
    First Nars product too.
    Still playing with it but it is a good buy and as you say would do good for hols/weekends away as there’s so much choice
    I still find myself going towards the neutrally/browns/taupes though!

      • EvieM.. used the lavender today for the first time!!! not bad 🙂 usually those kinda colours can make my eyes look funny (red/bloodshot) but this is going down well I have to say! nice for a different look too:):)
        how sad eh 🙂

        • Not sad at all. It’s nice to try something different, even if it’s not that “different”. Am also wearing the lavender shade (Lhasa) today….Twinsies!!

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