PS….how cute are these? Updated

So there I was, standing in the queue in Penneys (Primark if you’re reading this from the UK) yesterday morning when I spotted a 4 pack of little nail polishes from their P.S. Love range for €2.50. Yep, you heard me right….€2.50 for 4 nail polishes. I said to myself, they have to be rubbish for that price. But how rubbish could they be? And at only €2.50 you can bet I was going to find out.

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January Wishlist


1. & 2. The Narsissist palette from Nars. Info on this is fairly scare so far but it is due to be released online in the US tomorrow and hopefully the UK & Ireland around the 1st February. It is allegedly £55 so I’m guessing about €70, but don’t quote me on that. Continue reading

Dressing to hide the mum tum

Dressing to hide my muffin top has become more of an ordeal since I had my son (though seeing as the child is pushing 3, I really should stop blaming him and push back from the table), my “mum tum” is alot larger than I would like. Ideally it wouldn’t be there at all, but I am going to get back on track with my 30 Day Shred and do my best to minimize it, if not totally eradicate it soon. In the meantime, here are some tips I have for hiding/minimizing it so you look and feel better about yourself. Continue reading