September Wishlist….aka things I’m lusting after this month


1. Mac All Fired Up Lipstick from the Retro Mattes Collection. This beautiful fuchsia matte lippie is right up my street. Sadly as I already own around 5 fuchsia lipsticks, once of which is matte, I’m not sure even I would be able to justify this purchase….shocking I know =O

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Hello & Welcome

Hello & welcome to my first ever blog post….eeeek!! I intend this to be a place filled with beauty & frivolity. Reviews of beauty products I have tried, wishlists of items I adore, outfits I wear or would wear if only I had the resources/figure. I hope that you find a little something shiny & pretty to catch your eye here and that you might stop by from time to time and have a little nose around. Do comment if you see anything you like or tell me how you got along with a product I reviewed, I’d love to hear from you. I would really like to thank the lovely Chloe at Nurse Fancy Pants for convincing me to give blogging a go, and to all the other lovely bloggers for their kind words & encouragement.