30 Days of Beauty…….Day 3

Day 3


d17069436d7ee5329dd36d0ac4de2259I am a fiend for Essie nail polishes. I don’t go in for all that nail art stuff, cause (a) I’d be rubbish at it, and (b) couldn’t be arsed, and sure where would I find the time? Painting my nails all the one colour which watching trashy tv is a relaxing treat of an evening when the munchkin is gone to bed. Continue reading

30 Days of Beauty……Day 2

Daily Make Up Products

Currently my daily face is as follows:

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (thanks to Orla for the tube she sent me, it’s been a god send in the heat). Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, my beloved Nars Sheer Glow did not stand up to the heat very well, the Armani has better sticking power. Nars loose powder in Snow, Nars Deep Throat (get your mind out of the gutter) blusher. Urban Decay primer potion for eyes, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Le Volume De Chanel mascara, Nars Gloss Pencil in New Lover and of course my Real Techniques brushes.

30 Days of Beauty…..Day 1

So these 30 day blog posts seem to be all the rage at the moment and I’ve finally found one that sounds right up my street. 30 Days of Beauty….naturally says you. So, down to business. Continue reading

Feeling hot, hot, hot….Nars Carthage Pure Matte Lipstick

711999a9-7d64-4b77-a514-763074e7d434This is one lipstick I have lusted over for quite sometime and I recently gave in and purchased it at here.  It comes, as always in the lovely, sleek, matte, black casing and white font we have come to associate with excellence.  It retails at €26, which while not cheap, is a good price for a lipstick that lasts, and lasts, and lasts. Continue reading

Review: Clarins Blue Orchid Oil

clarins-blue-orchid-face-treatment-oil-dehydrated-skin-30ml~2157929I was very, very late jumping on the facial oil bandwagon. The ones you hear most about seem to be rose based, and having tried Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, I found it much too heavy for my combination skin and much more suited to a drier skin type. His Melissa Day Cream is lovely, smells lemony and is much more suited to my skin type, though only in winter when it leans a little bit drier.  Anyway, back to the Clarins…. Continue reading

Tag you’re it…The Liebster Blog Award


Being that this blog is barely two weeks old I was absolutely stunned and delighted to be tagged for a Liebster Blog Award by Kate from Ruby Duchess. I had to google to find out what a Liebster Award even was….total newb right? Anywoo it is an award for new and up & coming blogs (Yay me!), with less than 200 followers. You get tagged by another blogger who asks you 11 questions, you answer them on your blog and then tag 5 more bloggers with 11 questions of your own. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, and a great way to get to read new blogs. So here are the questions Kate asked me and my answers: Continue reading