PS….how cute are these? Updated

So there I was, standing in the queue in Penneys (Primark if you’re reading this from the UK) yesterday morning when I spotted a 4 pack of little nail polishes from their P.S. Love range for €2.50. Yep, you heard me right….€2.50 for 4 nail polishes. I said to myself, they have to be rubbish for that price. But how rubbish could they be? And at only €2.50 you can bet I was going to find out.

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30 Days of Beauty…….Day 3

Day 3


d17069436d7ee5329dd36d0ac4de2259I am a fiend for Essie nail polishes. I don’t go in for all that nail art stuff, cause (a) I’d be rubbish at it, and (b) couldn’t be arsed, and sure where would I find the time? Painting my nails all the one colour which watching trashy tv is a relaxing treat of an evening when the munchkin is gone to bed. Continue reading