Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads

Far too long ago to be decent, I saw one of Katie’s photos on twitter, where she had used the Waxperts Ingrown Hair Pads on your legs to prevent ingrown hairs and the dreaded cornbeef legs. The before & after pics were pretty dramatic, so I asked her where I could get some and the lovely Ellen from Waxperts replied and offered to send me some to review.

20140525-140212-50532679.jpg  20140525-140213-50533631.jpg  20140525-140214-50534517.jpg

While I do suffer from the dreaded “cornbeef legs”, I have also noticed recently that I had begun to get red bumps on the tops of my arms.  Even my husband pointed them out, so I knew they had to be fairly noticeable.  A quick google led me to self diagnose myself with Keratosis Pilaris, or blocked hair follicles causing the dreaded red bumpy skin.  As they contain salicylic acid, they help to break down dead skin, which will in turn, break down the red bumps and blocked pores and with regular use, stop them from reoccurring.  They also contain Rosemary for anti-inflammation and Panthenol for moisturisation.  I duly had the hubby take photos of my bumpy arms for me (have you ever tried to take photos of your own upper arms??? Impossible!) and then of course, managed to accidentally delete them before uploading them to WordPress #dumbass

So ye’re just going to have to take my word for it that these babies work, and boys do they work.  One pads swiped over your upper arms after a shower does the trick.  You can use the dotted side for more stubborn areas that require extra exfoliation, or the smooth side for more sensitive areas.  I didn’t notice any tingling or discomfort while using them.  I used the odd one on my legs, but as I’d never been one to use body scrubs or anything like that, cause my legs are unbelievably sensitive (they go bright red and dotty after shaving or waxing), I figured the poor things would have their work cut out for them, and I’d be better off saving them to use on my arms.  Though, they did not cause any irritation on my legs when I did use them there.

I applied the pads a few times a week after my shower and the difference they made was remarkable.  Even now a good 2 months after I finished my tub, my upper arms are completely smooth.  They’re still a bit pink and blotchy coloured, but so is my face compared to how evenly pale I used to be so I don’t think there’s much Waxperts can do about me getting older and my skin changing.  But they can get rid of the unsightly red lumps and bumps on the top of my arms and I love them for it.  Obviously they’re also great for preventing ingrown hairs after waxing & shaving, but as I’m not particularly prone to them, I haven’t tested them out for that purpose.  These are something I would recommend to anyone (and I have done), who suffers from the dreaded bumpy arm syndrome, and I will repurchase again with my own moola, if and when my arms start to get bumpy again.


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