January Wishlist


1. & 2. The Narsissist palette from Nars. Info on this is fairly scare so far but it is due to be released online in the US tomorrow and hopefully the UK & Ireland around the 1st February. It is allegedly £55 so I’m guessing about €70, but don’t quote me on that. Continue reading

Blather Monday 6th January, 2014

This post is an homage to the (sadly) late and eminently great Beaut.ie; may she rest in peace, and especially The Blather, an amazing chat community where I have made many, many friends and had some insanely hilarious and heartfelt conversations. Thank you so much Aisling for creating a haven that allowed us to chat about everything and anything, and thank you for allowing us to continue on in the same spirit here.

*Please note that WordPress moderates all first time commenters so if you haven’t commented here before, your first comment will go into moderation until I review it. Once I have oked it that shouldn’t happen again, but if it does, please bear with me, I’m new to all this. 

In the inimitable words of Beaut.ie…..”To the comments”.

Goodbye & Good Luck Beaut.ie

It was with great sadness and much weeping and wailing that the end of Beaut.ie was announced on Saturday 4th January 2014. Created by the McDermott sisters; Aisling & Kirstie in 2006 and later headed by Aisling, Beaut.ie was a beauty lovers haven where we could revel in the unabashed girlieness of it all without having to feel ashamed of the level of our obsession. Continue reading

New Year, New Attitude


Happy New Year to you all. My New Years plan (not resolution, I hate resolutions) is to get back into blogging more regularly, I’ve had some health problems recently among other stuff and just haven’t been in the right mindset for it. I also want to loose weight and tone up. I’ve a bridesmaid dress to fit into in May and I will not be the tubby one out of the 5 of us standing up there.

Beauty related, I want to branch out and try some brands that I haven’t before. Hourglass, Lime Crime & Charlotte Tilbury are top of my “to try” list. Any other recommendations would be gladly accepted. I’ve gotten some new beauty bits as birthday and Christmas presents so I’ll be doing some reviews for you soon, I was not very good about taking photos before use though (I know, I know, cardinal sin for a blogger, but I was just so excited to try them) so you’ll have to take them as you find them.

Anywoo, Happy New Year and talk to yis soon…..I promise this time.