Wednesday Blather

Happy humpday blatherers, we’re halfway to the weekend.

Blather Monday 6th January, 2014

This post is an homage to the (sadly) late and eminently great; may she rest in peace, and especially The Blather, an amazing chat community where I have made many, many friends and had some insanely hilarious and heartfelt conversations. Thank you so much Aisling for creating a haven that allowed us to chat about everything and anything, and thank you for allowing us to continue on in the same spirit here.

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In the inimitable words of…..”To the comments”.

Goodbye & Good Luck

It was with great sadness and much weeping and wailing that the end of was announced on Saturday 4th January 2014. Created by the McDermott sisters; Aisling & Kirstie in 2006 and later headed by Aisling, was a beauty lovers haven where we could revel in the unabashed girlieness of it all without having to feel ashamed of the level of our obsession. Continue reading