Stila Spring/Summer 2015

I was delighted to be invited to my first blogging event last week by Claire from Distinct Distribution. It was of course, the Stila Spring/Summer 15 Masterclass showcasing Stilas #BombshellCollection with Brand Ambassador Sascha Jackson. I hastily booked my train and hotel as no way in hell was I gonna miss out on this. Now unfortunately the Masterclass happened to coincide with ALOT of snow in Dublin, so the commute was less than ideal. But after a train, a 1 hr 40 minute taxi ride, a Luas ride and a 10 minute walk in the freezing cold, I made it, scruffy as hell, but I made it. Typically the second I arrived in the door of Harvey Nichols, my phone battery died, so I have very few photos. Thankfully the lovely Claire charged my phone for me for a bit so I do have a few photos to show you.

The event focussed on a demonstration using products from the Stila Spring/Summer 2015 range, which were in turn passed around to us to have a look at while Sascha was doing her thing. The stand outs for me were the Stay All Day Brow Gel with matching brush, the Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, The One Step Correct Primer & the eyeshadow palettes.

The brow gel comes in 5 shades and is €37 including the brush, it will be available along with the rest of the collection from February 14th.

Stila Brow Gel

The foundation comes in 16 shades, and has a concealer built into the lid and comes with a brush included. The teensiest bit of this goes a really, really long way and it had a lovely matte satin finish to it, matte but not a flat matte if you get me.


The primer/corrector has a swirl of colours designed to neutralize redness, counteract sallowness & brighten dull skin. All while reducing fine lines & pores, controlling oil and generally making your face look fabulous.


There are also four beautiful eyeshadow palettes, The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul palettes, Mind, Soul, Body & Spirit. We got to see the Soul palette, which is a lovely collection of nudes. Though for me, my favourite of the 4 would have to be the body palette, which has some lovely cooler toned pinks, lilacs & blues. And ya’ll know that the cooler toned shades are much more me.


Here is the final look created by Sascha, a lovely natural, yet defined look with a classic black liner. I am completely cackhanded when it comes to applying liquid liner, but when I tested this one out on my hand, it gave a beautiful opaque, black line that dried to a slightly shiny finish. Apparently it’s the best selling liquid liner in the US, and going by the finish, and the effort it took to scrub it off in the shower afterwards, I can see why.


So there you have it. My first ever blogger event. Hopefully it won’t be my last. Thanks once again to the lovely Claire Sweeney for inviting me. I had a lovely time.

8 thoughts on “Stila Spring/Summer 2015

  1. Nice writing style, I love your wishlists and would like to borrow half of your make up bag 😉 Don’t like stilla though. It looks like the foundation is already starting to slide off the models face.. And it does look like a foundation, not ‘great skin’. It’s like the poor girl is crying out for a bit of lighter tones on the t zone and some bronzer on the forehead.

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