Dressing to hide the mum tum

Dressing to hide my muffin top has become more of an ordeal since I had my son (though seeing as the child is pushing 3, I really should stop blaming him and push back from the table), my “mum tum” is alot larger than I would like. Ideally it wouldn’t be there at all, but I am going to get back on track with my 30 Day Shred and do my best to minimize it, if not totally eradicate it soon. In the meantime, here are some tips I have for hiding/minimizing it so you look and feel better about yourself.

First off, ditch the low rise jeans, they’re doing nothing for you take my word for it. With small kids you do alot of bending down to pick things up and consequently, alot of butt crack flashing too, my inlaws have seen way too much of my arse for my liking. Mid rise jeans are the way to go, you can still get lovely cuts, they don’t need to be “mom jeans” in the old fashioned sense.  I got a lovely pair of Amelie skinny jeans in River Island recently, they are denim with a bit of stretch rather than the other way around, which I hate. Am I the only one not to jump on the jeggings/leggings bandwagon? I have an image of my elder sister in leggings with saggy, baggy knees from the first time around burnt permanently into my retinas, hence my utter abhorrence of them. Anywoo, the Amelie jeans sit comfortably at your hip bones so no arse flashing when you bend over, they’re soft and comfy, keep their shape well and come in a number of colours and leg lengths, they were also €35….SCORE!!! I have a lovely pair of mid rise straight leg Lee Jeans…..I know right, I hadn’t seen Lee jeans in years but I found them in Cork last Christmas they are a lovely fit, so soft and lovely colours and pockets….is it just me with a fascination with jeans ass pockets, I know there’s all this stuff about the placement of them to make your butt look better, smaller, perter (is that even a word?), but I just have a thing about nicely shaped ones.

Dresses, for me I find  prom or 50’s style dresses with a pouffy skirt and higher fitted waist that sits just above the gut gives you the illusion of being much skinnier than you actually are as they emphasize your narrowest part and hide the bits you don’t like.  For more fitted or pencil skirts/dresses, Spanx or some form of shapewear are a must. I have Spanx, but to be honest I prefer Maidenform, I find they hold everything in much better and are more comfortable, Spanx just have more of a name for themselves. Plus Maidenform are Irish so you’re supporting the economy as well are your gut.

For tops I tend to go for slouchy v neck tees (I find Zara ones lovely, a good selection of colours and they don’t shrink in the wash) and loose floaty blouses and wear them with skinny jeans & heels (if the occasion calls for it) or ballet flats and a blazer on top.  You can tuck the front end of the tee into your jeans and leave the back part loose to emphasize the slouchiness, no one will no that it’s hiding your tummy, just that you look effortlessly cool. Add a pendant or statement earrings to draw the eye upwards, also leaving the blazer open will create a line that will instantly make you look taller and thinner.

For swimwear, I’ve only recently delved into this area of fashion having shied away for fear of looking squidgy. I purchased this swimsuit in Topshop, the heavy fabric and darker coloured lower half helps to minimize the tum, while the lighter coloured top & scalloped cups draw the eye upwards, I can honestly say I look skinnier in this swimsuit. I have also ordered a high waisted bikini from Topshop and will review that once it arrives and let you know how I get on with it.

Ahh Autumn/Winter, my favourite of all the seasons, it’s so easy to hide your squidgy bits under layers of lovely cosy clothes, coats & scarves. My Autumn/Winter “uniform” is skinny jeans tucked into boots, a cosy, loose, fine knit jumper like this one, a belted coat to create a waist rather than just being swamped in fabric, and a scarf. I adore Penneys for scarves & snoods, you can get every colour under the sun for €4 a pop, nothing to sneeze at there.

So those are my tips for hiding your wobbly bits until you can do something about them, exercise or liposuction….it’s up to you, I don’t judge. Have you any tips to share with me? If so, please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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9 thoughts on “Dressing to hide the mum tum

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    • Good for you. As good a reason as any to go clothes shopping I reckon. I recently started doing Weight Watchers, and started the 30 Day Shred today. But I tend to store weight on my stomach and even when I loose weight it comes off there last so I don’t foresee a major change in shape anytime soon.

  2. I love your candour! I’m sporting a lovely mammy pair of Tommy jeans my bf bought for me in Kildare village last time we were up. My not mum tum but definite muffin top was making a bid for freedom and I needed something so it’s quite a boost actually having the tummy hidden. As you’ll know girls from my ramblings on my own blog as well as beaut.ie I’m very conscious of my weight at the moment, I will never be a sice 10 or a size 8 and with my build anyway it would look very strange but Evie, your post here was great – some fabulous tips 🙂

  3. Your sister is over here. I’m not a mum, but I’ve got a muffin top on me that I’m always trying to hide. I love those RI jeans. I’m going to pick up a pair when I’m shopping next week as they look lovely – just what I’ve been looking for. I’m not a fan of jeggings either, but I will wear them under a short dress to protect my modesty! 🙂

    • I had a muffin top before I became a mum too, it just got worse after having the small boy. The jeans are lovely, I would never have thought of River Island for jeans as they used always be fierce low waisted but someone on Beaut.ie recommended RI, I think it might have been Aine, so I had a nose and they’re perfect. I got the indigo, but I’ll definitely be going back for blue ones and black for winter, sure at €35 t’would be rude not to.

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