Current Zara Wishlist

I love Zara, and constantly browse their website despite the dour & miserable looking models. Seriously though, don’t you just want to give them a sandwich & a hug?
Grumpy looking models aside, I do love their clothes, shoes & accessories. Zara is my go to place for reasonably priced, yet stylish & hard wearing work clothes. Whenever anyone asks me where to buy work clothes, Zara is always my first recommendation. They also do a serious range of shoes at really good prices, their knitwear can’t be beat, and their accessories are second to none.

So without further waffling, here are the items I’m currently lusting after. All items are available on the website right now.




9 thoughts on “Current Zara Wishlist

      • Indeed not! I’m not super curvy (size 8-10) but I have large hips so I have to wear L or XL with them when I’m a S or a M elsewhere. So I don’t buy their stuff as I’m definitely not a L. I’m really wondering how they manage in Spain

              • No, I’ve had a neighbour making skirts for me, a teacher at uni teaching us to “sit down on the bench in the changing room when buying a skirt to check the length so that you don’t end up pulling on your skirt at your job interview” and I’ve been making my own for a while. So 45cm is short, 50 is good, 55 just covers the knee 😜

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