Blather Monday 6th January, 2014

This post is an homage to the (sadly) late and eminently great; may she rest in peace, and especially The Blather, an amazing chat community where I have made many, many friends and had some insanely hilarious and heartfelt conversations. Thank you so much Aisling for creating a haven that allowed us to chat about everything and anything, and thank you for allowing us to continue on in the same spirit here.

*Please note that WordPress moderates all first time commenters so if you haven’t commented here before, your first comment will go into moderation until I review it. Once I have oked it that shouldn’t happen again, but if it does, please bear with me, I’m new to all this. 

In the inimitable words of…..”To the comments”.


277 thoughts on “Blather Monday 6th January, 2014

  1. Happy New Year to one and all. Evie well done on picking up the blather baton! Like so many here was devastated to hear about I didn’t comment often but read a lot. Shall try to hop on moreoften sure I love a good chat as much as the next !!

  2. Hi girlies, can’t believe beaut is gone but at least the blather lives on, 3 cheers for Evie!! Happy New Year everyone and Boo, delighted to hear you’re expecting a small fella. The girls are right boys are such joy and really do love their mammies, and are a lot less complicated than girls if you ask me, lol 🙂

  3. Has anyone tried the cleanse off mitt? I really want to try one. I had a look at the Beauty Emporium website but they don’t deliver outside ROI.

    • Does it really smell like Calpol? I’m holding out to get the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm, used to use it all the time and the spate of recent posts about it have reminded how much I loved it.

  4. I can’t believe the number of comments! It would have been such a pity to let the blather fall apart.

    @LynnieDoll, I was really dreading today but once you’re back in work and busy (and I’m sure they’ll find way to keep you busy, same as I found myself today) you’ll be grand. Of course, being away from Littledoll is another matter, but I’m sure she’s well looked after while you’re away.
    And yes, I suppose I’ve overindulged the champagne and the wine… I have a birthday in about 10 days, hopefully I’ll be able to drink (and appreciate) then!

    @LauraLou, I hope the weather improves by the time you get to NYC, we don’t want you caught into a snow storm with -30°!!

    It looks like this clarinet idea is the best I’ve had in years (until the neigbours kick me out that is). I’m not great, although my Dad says I’m improving fast, but it requires such concentration that I cannot think of anything else while I play. It’s a first. I have this feeling that my brain is always in overdrive, even when I swim or walk, there are always countless of thoughts going through it, too many for me to be able to process them. But when I play, all I can think about is breathe, play, read the notes. This is the most relaxing activity I ever took up. It’s amazing.

  5. Good on ya EvieM for starting this! I didn’t comment on that much but frequently read the blather most days! Really pleased to see that someone is continuing blather style post! Haven’t had a chance to read all comments yet but will check in as and when I can.

  6. Ah lads, have the serious dreads, back to work tomorrow and straight to the uk for 2 days, feel like I am hanging round all day waiting for tomorrow. It will be strange being away from Littledoll , been with her every day for the last two weeks. Anyway, has to be done. 😦

    • I know how you feel (sort of anyway), back to work tomorrow and am not looking forward to it. T’wil be arctic in there after having no heat on for 2 weeks and I’ll have no one to talk to as I work alone. Luckily I’ll have you lot to chat to.

  7. Hi girls, its been a long time since I was a frequent blatherer but thought I’d pop in and say hello and well done to Evie for being so hospitable and reviving the blather – it would have been such a shame to lose it

  8. O my God Boo!!!!!!!Get ready to be totally and utterly adored by the small man.I was only saying to Pony a few days ago that my little boy loves me like no one else ever has or ever will…and he agreed,it’s such a special bond.I remember one night a few years ago when he was about 5,I tucked him into bed one night and stopped at the door to tell him that I loved him and he replied…mummy,I love you more than I love myself….my heart nearly lifted out of my chest with joy!!…You’ve started with the buying already….I like your style!!

    Evie….all the comments,isn’t it fantastic!!

    Redglitters,you’ve had such a hard time.I lost a little one,it was very early,but still very traumatic.I think for me anyway,it seemed worse because I already had my two children so I knew what the baby was going to turn into,if that makes sense.I felt it was a boy and I have named him Ivor…I feel that the hardest part of parenting is hiding our pain from the children,it’s so hard to plaster a smile on for them when you feel like crawling into bed and crying but we have to because giving them a happy childhood is more important than anything.

    • You are so right mummypupper, its a hard job but the best job being a mum, I have so much respect and love for my own mother now that I know how hard a job it can be at times. So sorry to hear youve lost a little one too mummypupper,Its lovely that you gave him a name also love the story of your small man saying he loves you more than himself it would melt your heart so it would x

    • It’s frickin fantastic Mummypupper. Such cuteness from your small boy. My little fella has taken to saying “momma missed me?” anytime I come back from anywhere, even if it’s just the shed….it’s so cute.

  9. Ladies, it’s a disaster: I don’t like champagne any more….
    We had a glass with the galette (I’ve realised I’ve been talking about galette for hours and you probably don’t know what it is. So: 6/01 is the day the wise men arrive at the stable – didn’t ask for directions, got lost, typical men – and to celebrate that in France we “draw the kings”. In the north it’s a cake with an almond-based filling, in the south east it’s a brioche with fruits. The important thing is the little figure – la feve – inside. Whoever gets it is king/queen for the day/duration of the party. Back to my disaster now). So we were having a glass with the galette and I realised I didn’t really appreciate it anymore. 😦

    I *may* have had too much of it over the holidays (probably the equivalent of 2 or 3 bottles…), so for the moment I can’t like it anymore.
    Looks like I’m going to have a dry January from tomorrow onwards. May be good for me I suppose….

    • Overindulged, that’s what happened Froggie. Too much of a good thing, give it a break for a while then try again. Normally works for me. I went off g&t’s for a while and I really enjoy one every so often…

  10. Afternoon Ladies, it’s been many a moon since I dropped by the Blather so I’m really just giving you all a big animated wave and Wallace and Gromit style smile.

    I do hope you’re all keeping well, I caught up on the final Beaut post and teared up a little to hear Twinkletoes is expecting AGAIN! You go girl 😀

    Huge well done on rehoming the Blather Evie, no better woman for it.

    I’m still out with a bandy back, have been since August so will make a concerted effort to pop by more often.

    Happy New Year wha?

  11. Well ladies its a little boy.himself is delighted and a bit smug that he geussed,geussed not knew that it a little man.we’ve a squirmer on our hands although i knew that before the scan.
    Redglitter thanks for sharing your story.this time last year i was sitting on the couch miserable because i was still waiting on a scan to tell me if I’d had a miscarriage or not.youre right it was the loneliest period of my life.whar a difference a year makes.
    I also picked up a Moses basket in oxfam today.paid for it Friday.its a mamas and papas one and its only lovely and cost me 15 e stand and all so delighte with myself.u didnt realise it was m+ps until i got it’s our first piece of baby furniture.its going up in the attic for now until we need it but I’m enjoying looking at it for now.
    Welcome to all our newbies esp yaz the other mama to be although not a rookie like myself.

      • Thanks eviem.i just looked it up on their website.its in the sale at 56e and was 150.people were giving ut about the matress with it but cing as I’ll be buying a new one makes no odds to me.

    • Congrats a little man! They are so affectionate with their mammys:) Thanks for listening to my story, Its funny I dont talk about it to anyone other than himself (none of my friends have experienced a loss so they really dont know what to say) but I suppose I feel the safety net of anonymity here and you lot seem such a nice bunch makes it easier to type the words. Am sorry to hear you have been through it too hun but you are so right how life can be so different in a year, and I am delighted all is well with baby boo. Yes great deal on the moses basket too, its great when you start shopping for baby it makes it all feel more real!

  12. icey u should give the tesco finest morrocan chicken soup a go, its flipping amazeballs!! Also make enough dinner at night so that u can bring some to work the next day if u have microwave facilities!!

  13. Devastated about but delighted for the girls as I guess they’re moving on to bigger and better things – though WHAT could be better I don’t know 🙂

    Evie, you’re a darling for taking this on, you’re like the Simon Community for us temporarily homeless beaut.ies!

  14. It has been years since I’ve commented on The Blather, but just wanted to stick my head round the door and say well done to Evie for giving it a new home and keeping the Blather spirit alive.

  15. Good afternoon ladies! First time Blatherer here, its lovely to meet you all 🙂 Had made a New Years Resolution to finally join in after almost 5 years of reading! Thanks EvieM for providing a new blather space so I can tick off a resolution (already! delighted!!)

  16. Evie are you back from the bank yet? I’ve a lovely mug of hot chocolate with syrup & a dash of something stronger for you to warm up… 🙂 Sit down and put your feet up 😉

  17. Afternoon all! Just wanted to stick my head in and say well done to Evie for giving the Blather a new home, I’m so glad that it gets to live on and it’s brilliant to see former lurkers joining in for the first time. Hope everyone has a great day, despite the weather and being back in work! 🙂

  18. I go for lunch and shopping and BethTV starts the dubious jokes… You can’t be left alone for a minute can you? Not that I was giggling…of course not…not my style at all….

    @Nursefancypants, hope you ok? By the way, never got a chance to say but I love your blog and the book reviews!

    @Witchgirl, I like how positive you sound for this new year, hope everything gets better.

    @Có, you were brilliant letting so many people know about Evie hosting the blather. How are you feeling?

    A big hello to everybody else who arrived over the lunch break.

    Regarding the fitness/weight topic, my dad got me a little gadget for Xmas, it’s called a fitbit (fitbit one?), basically it’s a super pedometer which also calculates the stairs you’re climbing (or equivalent if you walking uphill) and the calories you burn. It made me realise that when I don’t do anything at all, I only burn about 1600kal which explains why I can’t loose any weight unless I dramatically increase my level of exercise and decrease my food intake (and also why the dietician was right with her 1250kal diet). I find it great for motivation as you can check how far you’ve gone on your daily objective and stuff.
    Anyway, I’m not getting paid by them but I just love this thing so I had to share.

    I’ve bought the galette a for our little party later today. 3 galettes, so we should have 3 kings or queens! 🙂

    • I was going to get the jawbone up but this one looks as nifty. Hmmmm I think I need to get one of them anyway to help see where I’m going wrong. Going to start walking around the office a bit more as well, found out that some of my colleagues are now sitting .25km from me so even if I just go over and back once in a day that’s .5km worth of walking which is pretty good.

  19. Great volumes of posting 🙂 love that the Blather spirit is a live and kicking well into 2014.

    Evie love what you’ve done with the place – the open fire is only magic on a crappy day like today 😉

  20. Right ladies, I have to go brave the wind and rain to go to the bank for himself (she what a great wife I am). Anywoo any new commenters that haven’t had a comment here already will automatically go into moderation til I get back, I won’t be long I promise. The rest of you can carry on as normal. Talk to ye soon.

  21. Seriously thanks ladies for all your comments. 🙂 See this is why I love you lot. xxxx

    Am currently working out how much I have in points on my Boots card & how much some of the new Dior stuff (that I didn’t already buy!) costs & can I get it when it arrives in shops outside BT’s!

    Oh & has anyone been in A-Wear? Massive selling off going on! Got two Closet dresses for €15 each on Sat which were originally €52 & €65!

    • Oh how I love a bit of dior! Love their eyeshadows and thier lipglosses, they are pricey but a lovely treat. Luckily for my purse my local Boots dont have a dior counter so have to get my dior fix when im in dublin or waterford. What else have you got your eye on?

    • I passed one on 23rd dec but was shopping with my bro for his christmas present so didn’t get a chance to go in. I’m so disappointed as I LOVE awear and the one in Limk city was gone when I got in there after christmas 😦

  22. Icequeen…..unfriend you?Neva Neva happening girlfriend!!!!

    Redglitters,welcome back to our little family.Your story is so sad but I’m so happy to hear that you have your lovely little boy.I will be thinking of your two little ones when I light a candle later.
    As for Netflix……i would love it but Pony heard a horror story of someone who got charged a fortune because they were in a broadband blackspot so I’m still working on him.I want it to watch Longmire,a show that I really enjoyed but I can’t find the second series anywhere.I barely watch any tv,typical that the one thing I watch disappears forever from all channels!!!

    Don’t hate me y’all……I’m still in bed…..its the last day of our holidays…..

    • Hi Mummypupper how are you?
      I’m still in my bed too but only because I cannot get the heat into myself. Iv the heating blasting away & I’m wearing very attractive (not) fleecy pyjamas & I’m still cold.

      Are your little ones off? I thought schools returned today?

    • MP I’m so jealous that you’re still in bed!! I’d kill to be in mine still!! I just signed up for netflix over the weekend & I’m in love with it already!! hehe… I’ve watched a whole pile of crap already and delira… that being said we’ve great internet at our house so it’s not costing us much..

    • Thank you mummypupper, in total over the years ive lost 4 babys, my first pregnancy, one between having my 4 wonderful girls and then 2 in a row that nearly finished me off before I had my little man, trying to hide having to go to hospital and having to bury a baby without letting your other children know to protect them is extremely hard to do. I have been unlucky but I have also been so blessed to have my 5 healthy children. They are a a lot of work but I wouldnt have it any other way!

      • God Redglitter, you’ve had a time of it you cratur. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I’ve been lucky in that I have both my parents and my grandparents were all either dead before I was born, or died when I was a toddler so I haven’t really lost anyone before. The first nearly killed me, the 2nd while still awful, I kind of expected iykwim so it wasn’t as bad, it was earlier too so less painful physically. You still mourn though and for a person that no other person, even your husband/partner knew. A person that was living inside you and will carry on living, in your heart.

        • I know what you mean, you have an instinct that tells you something is just not right, and you expect everything to go wrong and I was right a couple of times, other times no warning. But I will say I was convinced I wouldnt carry my little man as had bleeding issues from 13 wks to 20 weeks then had a massive heamorage from behind placenta at 20 wks I was convinced it was all over that no baby could come through that, hysterical I was but to my and the doctors amazement he stayed so its not always bad even when you expect it to be. He was ment to be here, hes the buisness lol! You never forget those youve lost, its like a piece of you is missing but you throw yourself into caring for the rest of your family
          and knowing that my lot have their own guardian angels watching over them everyday comforts me a little.

  23. Morning all! If I can still call this hour morning. I feel awful lazy!
    Slept really badly last night, pms and week old break up do not mix well.
    However the bestie is taking me off out to a comedy gig tonight so looking forward to that. Thanks so much to Eviem for keeping the blather going, you are a star!

  24. Good morning!!!

    EvieM you really are fantastic for setting this up for us all to continue with our chat & friendships. We should crack open the champagne & give you 3 cheers 🍸🍸🍸🍸Thank you a million times for doing this.

    I hope everyone is well & that you all had a good weekend too. Id a quiet one but it was relaxing & I read a bit & watched some programs that I’d recorded over Christmas.

    Anyway here’s to EvieM & also to Aisling for giving the go ahead for us all to continue our blather.

  25. Hi ladies,

    Thought I’d pop my head in, havent posted in ages, I’ve been lurking though 🙂 and stalking on twitter ha!

    Best of luck with this Evie, devo has finished, end of an era!

    Started eating “primal” today, it’s like paleo, but with a lil bit of dairy, hope I can stick it out, I have zero willpower.

    18 days til New York, any of ye ladies who’ve been before have any tips?? 🙂

    • You’ll have to let us know how you got on when you get back, my mam wants to go in March/April so I’ve got to decide if I’ll go with her & start making plans..

    • How long are you going for Laura? I’m so jealous. I LOVE New York. If you get a chance, the night-time bus tour is worth going on just for the beautiful sights of the lights of Manhattan. Although it will be BALTIC upstairs on an open-top bus in January so wrap up super super warm!
      There is a Sephora quite close to Macy’s that is good for a gander and can get some cute stuff there for relatively cheap.
      It’s worth a daytrip to Woodbury Common if you are there for a few days as I’d imagine the Jan sales would be pretty great there if you are into designer threads. I just went for the shoes and bags!

      • Im going for 6 daysm friday- wed. Im so excited, have my lists for my makeup. Getting a MK bag over there too. I think we’re going to go to Jersey Gardens instead of Woodbury, I’d rather spend 200 on loads rather than 2 things.

        We’re going to see how much money we’ve left and maybe do a helicopter around the cuty on the last night, anyone done this?

    • Enjoy yourself LauraLou 🙂 I was there last April for the first time and loved it. Just soak it all in.
      If this is your kinda thing, we went to the beauty bar in gramercy park that does cocktails and manicures for a tenner!!!! It’s not fancy by any means and the manicure is pretty basic but i just thought it was a fun thing to do in NY.

        • It doesn’t take too long so he should be happy with a beer 🙂 … Plus I think there’s a comedy club of some sorts behind the bar. When I was there the deal was only on on weekdays.

  26. Hello all!

    So sad that & blather is gone but fair play Evie for having us all over here!

    Back in work today for the first time in the new year. It’s hard getting back into it but I’m trying. Christmas was not the easiest & the bf & I were rocky at best at points but think it’s a turning point now. Scared the hell out of me though as saw everything I wanted potentially disappearing in front of my face because I’d been too caught up in everything else to pay attention to it.

    So new year, new start, new me……well not new me. More back to the old me who seemed to disappear for the past few months.

    • Hi Witchgirl how are you?

      I hope everything is ok now between you & your boyfriend? Sometimes Christmas can cause tensions & arguments due to all the running around & steess etc that Christmas causes. However, 2014 is a chance to fix things & I’m sure it will all work out so don’t worry.

      • I’m ok Star – thanks! How are you? How was your Christmas?

        Ah it’s not perfect but we’re getting there. We’re both willing to fight for it so that’s the big thing.

        2014 is going to be a good year, I’ve decided! I’m going to try to not be so insular like I was last year (half the problem really). I’m signing up to do an online Shakespeare course, joined a couple of groups on which I’ll get into this month, doing my craft course (if it goes ahead – anyone in Dublin want to do one?!) and trying to get more exercise in. Even just walking. 🙂

        • I am good thanks Witchgirl.

          It is very positive that you are both willing to fight to keep your relationship & it can only make it stronger in the long run. Also well done on signing up to do the course & the plans you have for other activities are great. It will really give your confidence a great boost & you will start feeling good in yourself.

          • Yeah kinda let myself drift into not caring about much really which isn’t me at all. Even something as simple as painting my nails properly & getting my make-up done at the Dior counter in BT’s the other day helped.

            Btw – the new Dior spring collection is only gorgeous! I wanted it all! Settled in the end for a very bright pink lipstick (which I never would have gone for but they put on me & was lovely) and one of the 5 colour pallettes.

    • Sorry to hear that Witchgirl, sometimes having alot of time together can be stressful and you just need a bit of space to get your head straight. Hope things work out for you both.

    • Hey witchy, sometimes we need to go through these little rough patches in order to see what we really want so here is hoping that things continue on the upward spiral for you xx

    • sometimes realationships can be tough can’t they. Fair play for talking and giving it a go. Hope it’s all working out.
      I know myself and himself can get a bit lazy at times ‘cos we live opposite sides of the city! (I know not even country..!)

  27. yes I’m there with the gals who are hoping to lose weight! I try to ease back into things slowly as January is tough enough. Plus I hate the way gyms and slimming clubs are just mental at this time of year! will try to make a bit of a start, then knuckle down more as the weeks go by.

    • I’m the same betty – can’t motivate myself to go to the gym as I’m very intimidated by all the perfect looking people at the one near me 🙂 BF got me a wii fit for christmas though so I’m planning on using that in the morning before work instead & I’m going to go for a walk after work with himself each day too, my wii fit came with a pedometer thingie so I want to get my steps up!! 🙂

      • Im the same girls, am trying to motivate myself to lose a little bit of weight, none of my clothes fit me except for a couple outfits but I refuse to buy new clothes it would be cheaper and healthier for me to get back into my own clothes plus I need to lose the weight for may, One of my girls is making her communion then. We have finally worked through all the junk in the house left over from christmas so thats half the battle, I am ashamed to say that I have a threadmill in the house too thats currently being used as a clothes hanger! Its time for me to as dr. Ava would say cop on!

        • could you prop up a book on the treadmill or even watch TV? I’ve used both as distraction in the gym before and found it very helpful. I used to love watching big bang and you’d find 20 odd mins would be over before you knew it.

          • Yes usually I listen to some music or watch the tv when im on it, its the thought of getting back on it is worse than actually doing it. After first few days I actually enjoy it, just need a kick up the backside!

        • same here!!! have a closet full of clothes but only a few pairs of jeans and some jumpers fit me anymore. I refuse to buy any new clothes just because I dont want to go up a size as I am already overweight. Time for me to buck up and use the kettlebells that have ben gathering dust in the corner.

          • Its depressing isnt it looking at all the clothes in the wardrobe, I caved and bought a new bra on sat as all my others except for my sports bra are too tight on me, Didnt want to waste any more money buying more when it wont fit me in a few weeks when I lose
            some weight. I will just wash the bejasus out of it, but not buying any clothes until I drop a dress size. That will be my reward to myself, well thats what I keep telling myself! The kettlebells sound interesting, although i am so clumsy id probably do myself an injury!

  28. Morning all; it’s good to be back and thank you, EvieM 🙂

    It’s kinda appropriate that the Blather Mark 2 kicks off on Nollaig na mBan, isn’t it? 🙂

  29. Morning ladies,

    I did comment earlier but i must not have pressed send!! I am a bit flat out here atm so I will get back to you all in a bit!!

    Bravo for getting this off the ground Evie xxx

  30. Nurse fancy pants.hope ur ok.i work in the mater.its gas to think i could pass u in the corridor and be non the wiser.eviem i do want to find out so hopefully babs will cooperate.I’ll let u all know if i find out.himself calls him he all the time so if its a girl he needs time to shopping is much easier if u know.lets be honest about these things

  31. Morning all!!! I’ll have a big mug of coffee please Thefrog, if there’s any left. Today is supposed to be the most depressing day at work and I’m deffo feeling it.
    Just found out over the weekend that might have to pay ten times more than what I do now for my work visa every year as some new rules and regulations seems to have been made over the last few weeks for non-eea healthcare professionals and that’s just put me in such a shitty mood since then. Basically I’m right in the middle of a training programme that takes 7yrs and have no choice but to continue or start from scratch somewhere else which is not an option/ would be a stupid decision.
    EvieM: thanks again for keeping the blather alive!
    Boo: good luck with your scan 🙂
    Thefrog: the red skirt sounds fab. I got a Zara black midi skirt for work but am still tying to find a suitable top for it…. and also muster up the courage to wear it to work!
    It’s is pelting out there and I hope all of you lovelies affected by the floods are ok… Take care!

    • Thanks guys! Yeah I’m hoping the training bodies will be able to sort something out or at least let us know why and how this is possible. Rang HR at work and they are also completely in the dark about it so I just have to wait and see till they get back to me.
      At this point it’s looking like i’ll have to fork out 800 yoyos every 6 months …at this rate i’ll have to pay to have a job in the near future. ***rant over!***

  32. Drat! I was only trying to get rid of the feckin biccies as WW is back on Thursday..@ Orla, sometimes one cup just doesn’t cut it!

  33. For any of you ladies who are trying to lose weight now that the Xmas break is over; can you give me some ideas of what I can eat at lunchtime? I’m gonna try my best to stay away from bread but without having a sambo, I’m stumped! Cant eat salad every day so should I alternate between soup and salad?

    • Could you have a pitta bread? It’s still bread but healthier. Do you bring your lunch or get it in a canteen or cafe or something?

    • You could try those slimbo yokes, or just do as a friend of mine used to do, get a bread roll, cut it in half and dig out the inside with your fingers, then just fill the yummy crusty part. I used bring in home made salad and use those pre sliced carrot batons as carrot sticks. You can make lovely waldolf salad with low fat creme fraiche and some lemon juice I think. Some nuts or seeds to nibble on throught the day and maybe a handful of cherries or blueberries for something sweet. There is also something in blueberries that specifically burns stomach fat or so I read somewhere, and I’m gullible like that.

      • Good plan – my Mam often uses the slimbos so maybe I’ll do it day-on, day-off and cut back slowly instead. I don’t see the point of Ryvita as I may as well eat cardboard. I always bring some mini carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes as an afternoon snack so maybe I’ll do as planned and alternate between low fat salad on a slimbo and then homemade veg soup.
        Thanks girlies!

        • They are like the heel of a piece of bread that has been sliced down the middle to make it thinner than an ordinary slice but with no crusts on it and shaped into a square.

          I’m not good at explaining!

            • I tried the skinny pasta before xmas, it’s weird texture but if you throw in loads of veggies on top you tend not to notice it. Its just a bit more rubbery than ordinary pasta.

              I just had a wrap there (lovely salad and fresh mozzarella ) with my homemade butternut squash soup.

              I used to be a great fan of “hot salads” as well, so loads of veggies and leaves and then a little chorizo heated and thrown in over it or steak if i’d some left from the night before.

              Have never heard of slimbos!

    • Depending if you can make your own lunch and heat it, but you could try something like a soup (no potato and no cream obviously), 100g of low fat meat (chicken, ham), and about 50g of carbs (one small potato, or 50g of uncooked rice/pasta). This is what the dietetician told me I should eat for lunch and dinner. It worked but I got bored fairly quickly (after 4 months and 4kg less).

  34. Morning, Evie huge thanks for taking on the blather, you’re a life saver!! 🙂 I’m only in work about 25 minutes. Everything was a nightmare this morning.. got stuck in the rain for at least 45 minutes as they closed my tube station and of course everyone was majorly grumpy so I got shoved around. I really want to turn around & go straight home as I’m feeling crap & my back is killing me after a particularly vicious shove!

    So glad to see you all here today!! I’m glad most people have made it over here.. we’ll have to keep going now & make sure everyone finds us!!

    Tea anyone? I’ve two mugs lined up for myself (excessive I know!) already & I’m happy to share 🙂

    • Dirty fecker whoever did that to you Orla, hope you’re ok. And for future reference you should stick with the plan myself and my best friend adopted in packed bars & clubs back in the day for people who would push you round the place. Elbows out and give them a good dig in the back with your grand pointy elbows….works a treat ;D

      • Evie I was raging at him, couldn’t get back at him either as it was just as I was going into the station & down the steps and it was crazy busy! I tried to take a pic but there were too many people! I usually employ that elbow out approach for busy days when I don’t have an umbrella & 40 bags!! 🙂

      • Ha – we always did the same type of thing but ours was “dancing wide”! If you dance wide you need space to do it in so any time someone came to take our space, its what we did!

  35. Morning all, I had only started to dip my toe into the blather but usually read it so here I am both feet now. Am not up that long, the storm woke me in the middle of the night and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Luckily MiniC sleeps through the night, she’s like her mama, loves the leaba! We never found out whether she was a boy/girl and the surprise was brilliant on the day, it was so hard to wait though! Stick a strong coffee on for me please Evie, I’ll bring some choc kimberlys and well done on the Blather!

    • Carky put down the chocolate kimberleys and back away slowly, this lot are like a pack of savage dogs when it comes to a chocolate biscuit, you could lose a finger. I’ve the espresso machine nice and hot for you hun.

  36. Hi everyone, I hope you all dont mind me joining in here,I am gutted that is no more:( I have been following the blather everyday, used to join in but then I went through a very difficult time I had 3 very difficult pregnancys and unfortunately lost 2 of my babys but thankfully my little man whos 15 months now made it and I have to say was somewhere to escape to(couldnt bring myself to go near any of them pregnancy sites at the time) when I was finding it hard to cope and to try to block out some of the sadness and then worry so for that I will be eternally grateful,so I just took a back seat and enjoyed reading since the little man arrived and I feel now is the right time to join back in if ye will have me? Am wrecked tired just back from dropping the girls to school, got too used to the lazy days over the holidays but big plus for the lower level of noise in the house for a few hrs so am off to make a cuppa and warm myself after that rain.

  37. Hi Ladies

    Was so gutted about the blather, even though i didn’t get to contribute much i read it every single day! EvieM fair play to you for keeping it alive, you’re doing a great job 🙂

    • Thanks Polkadotty, I’m just delighted we can all still have a chat. Lads will ye please stop with the thank you’s, ye’re embarrassing me. It was all for purely selfish reasons I assure you, I’d miss have you guys to chat with throughout the day.

  38. Just a quick Hello & Good Morning Ladies. And Fair Play to you EvieM for taking on the Blather!
    Phew I can access it from work!
    I didn’t get to comment as much of late on beaut!. Was so relieving to see I wasn’t the only one a bit devastated, beauty obsessed, and who wasted time reading the blog when you should be doing a million other things!! haha. Only more recently I’d been reading other blogs as well (so obsessed!) so that might helps soften the blow.
    January Blues central 😦

  39. Just got an invite to a wedding of one of himselfs colleagues on Valentines Day. It’s up the country so it’ll be a night away. Something to look forward to on a cold, wet, windy January morning. Now, more importantly….what to wear?

  40. Ladies last night when I heard about the blather possibly being no-more I kinda panicked and started befriending lots of people on FB who don’t use twitter. Just want you all to know that you need not feel obliged to friend-me. I completely understand the want of anonymity that we all had through and how it’s important to some. So no offence taken at all if you want to unfriend and/or keep it to blather and twitter.

      • Yeah I tried the IQ Username but there are already about a million people using it and I wasn’t bothered trying something else! And since I FB some of my instagram photos, people would have found me anyway!

  41. Hi all,

    I was a very infrequent blatherer – usually if someone asked something I knew about! But figured I should get involved here as the more that join in the easier for the new blather to get off the ground! I was a everyday reader of the blather for the past five years!

    Well done Eviem for getting it off the ground. I’m supposed to be working from home today as the UPC man is calling round with a new box – ours stopped working over Christmas – decided to take a wee break to watch Sherlock – which I’m getting addicted to! So after that I’ll start into the work! Weather is miserable so I’m happy to be inside for a change 🙂

    MP – glad things are going okay so far with your husband away! You should plan lots of movie and treat time with the kids!!! If you don’t have netflix you should consider signing up for a free one month trial while he is away – it has tons of good disney movies like Up, Robin Hood, Peter Pan and Tangled!

  42. I feel like the crazies are out in full force this morning. Have just had some really insane questions thrown my way.

    So we’re starting an Operation Transformation thing at work to coincide with the new series, i signed up to that and WW before xmas so hopefully I’ll start seeing some results, I’ve been definitely more careful over the last few days and I feel like I’m seeing results in terms of my tummy (my super critical sister said last week she thought we’d both lost weight), I think the more sources of motivation the better.

    Apparently the big weigh in is today at some point, I’m going to pop into the gym I pass on the way to work as well to see what their pool is like to join for a few months and get lessons.

    I can totally do this.

  43. I’ve just seen some of the pictures of the flood on the IT website.

    @Áine how are you down in Cork? It looks pretty bad in the city centre…

    Hope you’ll all be fine if you’re in affected areas.

    And…wasn’t it LauraLou who was going to NYC this month?

    • Its high tide in the city this morning and there’s A LOT of surface water, I’m ok here at work and as well at home (thankfully) but i’d not like to be living in the city centre. It just seems that any storm that hits seems to hit at the same time as high tides are due. It’s crazy.

      This morning on the way to work I was listening to the weather and they were talking about dry spells – it was PELTING rain at that point, I think between that and AA road watch telling me before xmas that it was dry in Cork I’ve just lost all faith in anyone forecasting anything!

      • Can’t wait to here you recommendations after LauraLou, my brother is heading over for the summer, he’s gonna have a list of stuff to get as long as his arm if I have my way!

  44. Seriously – you would think that at my age I would have grasped the idea of logging in to comment on a blog. I am so NOT tech-savvy. Which is something that should be said in whispers coz I work in a software company where everyone is super-techy!

    Here’s hoping this message appears and I have worked out what I am up to!

    Morning ladies btw! And a special thank you to EvieM for hosting the blather. You’re a doll. And a thank you to Orla for letting me know yesterday and I wasn’t walking around the office in a daze this morning!!

  45. Hi guys.

    I already tried not comment but not sure if it’s worked or gone to moderator. I’m not good with change haha. Sorry if this is a double post.

    Very sad about It’s the end of an era and I’ll miss it alot. I know many of you have great blogs though so I will get onto all of them.

    So I’m onto day 5 of my Forever Living Clean 9 detox and I have to say I feel great. I haven’t been hungry since Friday and my energy levels are up. My skin is looking better than it has since I came off the pill. Days 1 and 2 were hard, and I was close to giving up thinking I wouldn’t last the 9, but I’m glad I stuck with it. Can’t wait to see the final results cus I had lost 2 inches in the first 2 days. Forgot to weigh myself though which was pretty dumb :/

    • Hey Buttons, I had a feedback box at the bottom of the post and it was causing confusion, people were filling it in instead of the comment box and I was getting emails from them so I removed it, you may have been typing in it when I did that as I didn’t get an email from you. You should be fine now, WordPress automatically mods a new commenters first comment til I ok it.

    • The sensation of hunger usually disappear after 2 or 3 days in most people so you were always going to find the first days hard.
      How’s your energy? I’m too scared of not being able to work properly to even consider this sort of detox (plus I fear that whatever you lose comes back, but that’s another discussion).
      Well done on keeping with it!

  46. Day shaping up nicely: first I saw this morning that the price hike I was complaining about on the train tickets was due to a bug on the website so I was able to cancel the tickets and get new ones with only the vat increase. And apparently they’ve put the train I was taking back at 50€ rather than 75€ as it has been for a couple of months. I’m happy to be able to keep taking it (the 50€ one was 2 hours later) without breaking the bank!
    And now we suggested to the boss to buy a galette to do the ‘wise men’ at 4 and he said yes! So I’ll get one when I go for my shopping at lunch time. And he has a bottle of champagne in the fridge so we will all have a drink for the new year. Or at least all the eejits already back at work 😉

    • One question – your new eye liner isn’t red as well is it? I’m guessing not but my brain is NOT firing well.

      Great about the train, that must be such a relief.

      • No, it’s a dark purple one. Red would probably make me look I didn’t get any sleep.

        However…red and white eyeliner for these ‘special’ occasions…what d’you think? They might not like it at work though….

  47. Morning all,
    So great that the blather has a new home especially today – statistically the most depressing day of the year 😦 the chats will be badly needed! Thanks EvieM!
    Trying to think of nice things like holidays to get through today!
    I’ll take a gigantic mug of tea please to keep me awake!

  48. Morning all & thanks to EvieM for hosting the blather so well! It would have been too hard to cope today without it. Ive been sick with colds and bugs for weeks and last night was the first good nights sleep so im very gratefull or that 🙂

    Despite being monday things can only get better!
    Have a good day everyone.

  49. Morning all and greetings from the Mater hospital,here for check up and can hopefully then feck off home to the leaba for a while. Miserable out there and still seeing Christmas lights dotted about the place is not helping, kind of wish they were all down already so we can all move on!!

  50. Morning girls

    Thank God for Evie……the blather has a lovely new home!!!

    Boo…. can you imagine if there was no blather around today,of all days,scan day!!!!!!You must be so excited,I can’t wait to hear the news.Now,you may want to keep it a surprise,but are you going to find out if its a little man or a little woman?I couldn’t wait to find out…I’m the same with presents,I like to know what I’m getting so I can be looking forward and planning!!I’m doing grand so far on my ownio,my brother stayed here last night,he’s young and cool and the two adore him so so far so good!!

    Froggie,hope you’re getting on alright,the red skirt sounds the business!!

    Its blowing up a hurricane in Tipp today……please don’t let the electricity go…..please!!!

    • I’m exactly the same MP, unfortunately J wouldn’t co-operate. He was breach & always had his legs in the way. Only found out the sex 2 weeks before he was born.

    • Oh boo another pregnant lady yay! 🙂 I’m the same as you mummypupper I love finding out the sex so I can shop haha! It was handy for buying stuff in the sales too 🙂

    • Delighted you have some company MP. I can’t believe I’m back at work tomorrow and have to go straight to the Uk. It will fly by always does but the thoughts of having to go to the airport!!! Travelling with work is pants!!! Busy and lonely.
      Wind is the same in Meath, don’t think I’ll be venturing far today.

  51. Morning ladies!
    It’s so feckin windy out!! Delighted I got a lift in to work this morning, otherwise I might have blown away.
    Evie, thanks a mill for keeping this up for us, you’re as good.
    Will check in later ladies.

  52. Morning! Thank you for hosting this Evie 🙂 I had an awful night’s sleep, fell asleep straight away but then was over-heating badly & tossing & turning. Boo. How was everyone’s weekend?

  53. Morning all, trying to go with the positivity but meh it’s wet rainy and first full week back after xmas. Myself and himself decided last night instead that we are going to go take a long weekend at the start of Feb to have something nice to look forward to. Can’t believe we’re taking down the tree tonight. Boooooo.

  54. Morning Ladies,

    EvieM – thank you very much for taking it on to host blather. I didnt really get to comment as much as I would have liked in work (pink screen gave it away that it was not work related) but I always had a browse during lunchtime.

  55. I’ve removed the comment box as it seems to be causing confusion and I’m getting emails instead of comments. I’ll try and stick it up somewhere else on the blog later.

  56. Are newbies to the blather allowed? I always wanted to chat but couldn’t as was in work and the CEO’s office window looked out on my PC screen! Well not working there anymore so can blather to my hearts content 😀

    What a morning, wish I could go back to bed. Wouldn’t put a dog out in that!

  57. Well hello.have u the blather settled in a big comfy armchair in the corner with a blanket on her Eviem.remember now keep her away from the sherry and we’ll be alright.I’ll have a big mug of tea.I’ve been back in and out over Christmas so i don’t have that feeling of dread thankfully.
    MP hope ur doing ok without pony,deep breathes now.ive made a decision that from here on in I’ll only post on evies blog.bcos its like ripping the plaster off,it has to be swift or it’s too painful.
    Bye bye’ll be missed.

    • Morning Boo, the blather is rocking slowly in the corner and nursing a brandy. She’s still in shock the cratur so no loud noises or sudden movements please.

  58. Morning Blatherers & welcome. I know it won’t be even remotely as good or the same, but at least we’ll still have somewhere to chat. I tried to muster up enough energy to say “Happy Monday”, but on what is the first Monday back to work after the Christmas holidays for alot of people, I just can’t manage it. So I’ve the kette & coffee machine on (the booze is still en route from hq) and the USA biscuits at the ready, let the blathering commence.

    • Hi, I never really commented on blather so hope it’s ok I join. Absolutely gutted and shocked that won’t be around, it really did fuel my love of beauty everything!
      Oh Yvonne it’s deffo not a happy Monday here! Little one is back to school and I soooo don’t want to get up…neither of us do haha!! It’s dark and sounds miserable out haha! Up most the night peeing as usual too so I’m knackered. Hopefully the little guy will let me have a little sleep when she’s off to school. Hope you all have a good Monday, we’ll all be back in a nice routine soon x

      • Morning Yaz, ooh it’s rotten out there. I’m not back to work til tomorrow but have to go uptown to the bank later and I’m not looking forward to it. Would much rather stay here in my pjs for the day chatting to you lovely lot.

  59. Morning all, I think I did the same. Sure it’s new bound to make a mistake.
    Add my name to the vat of tea please.
    Evie, huge hugs to you for our new

  60. Ok, I’m a fool and rather than leave a comment I sent a message… More coffee needed…

    Hello and a big thank you for offering us this place to continue chatting! I’m not offering champagne but litres of coffee and tea because it’s Monday and we probably need it (I know I do). I’m in complete ‘fake it till you make it’ mode, wearing a red skirt to work and eyeliner. Have a nice day!

      • It’s my skirt for special occasion: when Cork beats Kerry or Tipp/Kilkenny and I want to annoy some Irish colleagues or after a big Munster victory and I feel like singing Stand up and fight at work. So wearing it today when no such reason applies is a big positivity shout for me!

        • Cork beating Kerry?! Noooo 😉
          Red is the colour of confidence though, I recently bough a lovely H&M one and it makes me feel great when I wear it.

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