The Christmas Tag

Thanks to the lovely Chloe from Nurse Fancy Pants, who tagged me to do this post.


1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/movies?

Home Alone without a doubt. Close seconds would be Miracle on 34th Street (either version, I ain’t picky) and It’s A Wonderful Life.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?

Christmas morning!!! What is wrong with you? Frankly I’m slightly suspicious of people that open their presents the night before. I bet they sleep in for half of Christmas day instead of spending it with friends & family. 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Waking up at 3am Christmas morning one year, raiding my Christmas stocking at the end of the bed and then trying to carry everything in it downstairs, in the pitch dark. Needless to say I dropped everything, waking the whole house.

4. Favourite festive food

Sausage meat stuffing, mulled cider, mulled wine…..basically mulled anything. Leonidas champagne truffles – a Christmas tradition in our house.

5. Favourite Christmas gift

This one is not so much a particular gift, as a gift giving experience. The first Christmas that myself and my husband spent together as boyfriend and girlfriend (many many years ago), he asked one of my best friends to go with him and give the things he picked out for me the once over to ensure that I’d love each and everyone one of them. I did, and while some might see this as lazy and think he basically got her to pick stuff out and just paid for them, I prefer to see it as him trying really hard to get it right and make me happy.

6.  Favourite Christmas scent?

Mulled cider….see 4 =D

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

We try to have all our Christmas shopping done ahead of time, but still head into town to soak up the Christmassy atmosphere and go for a nice lunch somewhere. After munchkin is bathed and put to bed in the obligatory (in our house anyway) new Christmas pjs, we open a bottle of wine in front of the fire and assemble/wrap his Christmas & Santa presents and arrange them under the tree. Then we watch a Christmassy movie before heading to bed to be up early & see the excitement on his little face when he sees what Santa brought him.

8. What tops your tree?

A very, very sparkly angel. In fairness the entire tree is fairly frickin sparkly, I’m a bit of a magpie.

9. As a kid what was the one extravagant gift you asked for but never got?

Fairly typical of a little girl but….a pony.

10. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

The food…..and the look on my little boys face on Christmas morning.


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10 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag

  1. Nothing wrong with opening presents on Christmas eve… In my family (and actually in my country) the main family meal is the Christmas eve one. The kids get send to bed after the dinner (if you’re lucky, they’ve fallen asleep before the Christmas cake, the “Christmas log”) because they have to be asleep otherwise Santa won’t come.
    Now that we no longer have kids around, we devise a way to get the presents during the meal. Before, we used to put all the names in a pot, and pick one (or two) name(s) per dish served and that person would receive his/her presents. Now we’ve changed that a bit, and the name we pick is the person giving his/her presents, so that everybody gets something at each round. It’s great fun and it helps waiting between dishes so that the food isn’t too heavy (normal Xmas dinner is: aperitif – Champagne – with loads of mini sausages, mini pies etc…; then foie gras (with sauterne) or salmon (with dry white); oysters (dry white too) for those who like them; then the meat (light red wine) and veg; cheese (light red again); dessert (another round of Champagne). So you need a good 3 or 4 hours of dinner to make sure you’re not sick).

    • It’s interesting to see that you have a different custom in France than we have here in Ireland. I have friends from Poland and I know they also make a much bigger deal of Christmas Eve dinner than we do in Ireland.

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