Gorgeous Rose Gold Newness From Zoeva

I had decided to finally take the plunge and order the Rose Golden Luxury Set from Zoeva (that has been on my wishlist for months) when I get paid tomorrow, so I went to their Facebook page in hopes of finding a free shipping code and I stumbled across this.

10460241_387047294785321_8903142739584839259_n 10665880_982604621767607_2405078983980670137_n

From their Facebook and blog page I understand that these will launch next Monday the 24th November at €65 for the set, which for 12 brushes, aint too shabby at all.

Here is the spiel I got from the Zoeva Blog:

“We are proud to extend our Rose Golden Collection with this unique 12-piece eye brush set. Each brush is traditionally handmade and will help you create beautiful eyes and any desired look. Feel the rose golden glamour!
Contains brushes:
142 – 224 – 226 – 227 – 228 – 230 – 231 – 234 – 237 – 315 – 317 – 322 + Brush Clutch Small”

So I’m sure you can appreciate my anguish now, which one do I go for? Do I go mad and order both? Do I wait and ask for them for Birthday/Christmas presents next month…..can the magpie in me realistically wait that long??

I’ll leave you with these gorgeous close up pics and a 2 part question, have you tried Zoeva brushes before? And what did you think of them?

Set Pinseldetails1 Pinseldetails2


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Rose Gold Newness From Zoeva

  1. I’ve got the Rose Gold Luxury Set on my wishlist too! The eye brushes set looks lovely but I can see myself getting more use out of face brushes more than eye ones. Let us know which you go for, if not both 😛

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