PS….how cute are these? Updated

So there I was, standing in the queue in Penneys (Primark if you’re reading this from the UK) yesterday morning when I spotted a 4 pack of little nail polishes from their P.S. Love range for €2.50. Yep, you heard me right….€2.50 for 4 nail polishes. I said to myself, they have to be rubbish for that price. But how rubbish could they be? And at only €2.50 you can bet I was going to find out.


I’ve applied them straight to the nail with no base coat used. I did use a fast drying top coat as I needed to get going but that is more for speed of drying, rather than actual longevity as my nails tend to split so I never get longer than 3 days out of a polish anyway, even with the topcoat.


The taupe shade applied evenly and was opaque in 2 coats. It’s a great neutral shade and is quite similar to a Topshop shade I have in my collection. It also dried really fast. The pink and coral shades were the duds of the bunch. The brushes on those shades were very scratchy and they left great big streaks & an uneven texture. I ended up using 3 coats of each of those shades in order to get an opaque finish and even then it was textured. The topcoat evened it out nicely though. The coral shade is quite similar to Essie Tart Deco, though maybe slightly less orange. These shades did not dry as fast as the taupe, but they still dried pretty fast. The rose gold shade is very pretty in reality, I don’t think my pictures do it any justice at all. It applied evenly and dried quickly. It was pretty much opaque after 2 coats but I applied a third to get it as rosy a gold as I could, tbh the third coat didn’t make much difference to the shade so you should be fine with 2.

I will update this post to let you know how they wear, but for €2.50 I reckon they’re worth a try.


So I applied these around 7pm last night. Watched a bit of tv, cleansed, toner & moisturised and went to bed. Got up, got the munchkin ready for preschool. Went for a run, came home, had some breakfast, had a shower & washed my hair, cleansed, toned & moisturised. The only surviving polish is the taupe shade. It is 11.30am. The rose gold had a huge chip gone out of it before I’d even completed my run. I normally find metallic shades hang on for dear life, but not this one. After my shower I noticed that the edge of the polish where the chip had come off was lifting, I stuck the edge of another nail underneath and it popped off cleanly in one piece. Then I noticed the pink & coral shades were also lifting around the tips (though not chipped at all), I did the same thing and again they popped off in one piece. The taupe however is hanging on in there and looks perfect.


In the pic above I have not used any polish remover, just simply peeled off the polish so you easily see how cleanly they peeled off the nail.

So in summary, these shades are great for a night out, but don’t seem to last long on my nails for daily wear. But for €2.50 I’m happy enough to keep them for nights out. Maybe a base coat would help and I’ll try that next time I use them and update the post if it adds to the longevity. But certainly the pink, coral & rose gold shades are not ones you’d lash on if you’ve a busy week of meetings ahead of you at work where you need to look your best….chipped nails are not a good look at work. The taupe may just do the job though, it was the easiest to apply and the fastest to dry, it’s a work appropriate neutral shade and so far it’s holding up extremely well.


3 thoughts on “PS….how cute are these? Updated

  1. I had a look at the update there. The taupe is a really nice shade. It’s a pity the other colours didn’t last very long. Maybe using a base coat would make a difference, your next experiment!

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