Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser


Right, time to get cracking on the reviews for all the stuff I got in my recent beauty haul. First up is Ceramic Slip cleanser from Sunday Riley. It’s €42 for 125ml from SpaceNK on Grafton Street, which is by no means cheap, but I was on a bit of beauty bender and I had heard it was good to help balance a combination
complexion….and if you know me, you’ll know I have been battling with an increasingly oily t zone for the last few months. Trying to get my makeup to stay put on my nose was a daily battle. I’d tried numerous primers to no avail so I decided I’d better go to the source and try to balance my skin first. It’s also recommended by Caroline Hirons, and that lady knows her stuff so who am I to argue with her?!

Sunday Riley describes Ceramic Slip as “An incredibly foaming, luscious cleanser! Creating flawless skin and miniscule pores, Ceramic Slip is a must-have in the pursuit of ceramic- smooth skin. Purifies the skin, tightens pores, and stimulates collagen and circulation. With natural essential oils to tone and balance the skin. The ultimate treat for normal and combination skin. Paraben free”.



I know, I know, I balked at the phrase foaming cleanser too. As most of us will know, foaming cleansers tend to be a lot bit on the drying side. Not this one though, and in fairness, I’d hardly call it foaming either, there is only the barest bit of bubbles when you apply water and it rinses off cleanly, my face doesn’t feel dry or tight after use, just clean and soft. It’s a gel texture, which contains green clay to purify the skin & tighten the pores. The instructions don’t specify whether to apply to wet or dry skin. I do both, though at different times. I use it on damp skin at night for the second cleanse of my double cleanse, after Emma Hardie Moringa Balm. Then in the morning I apply it to dry skin, concentrating on the t zone area. It pretty much disappears into my skin, then I wet my hands and lather it up (again, only a teeny bit) and rinse it off.

It has a slightly herby scent to it, nothing overpowering, but best to know beforehand if you’re sensitive to scent in your skincare. All round I cannot fault it. My skin feels soft & very smooth after use. The pores on my cheeks at the sides of my nose are definitely less noticeable than they were a few short weeks ago. It hasn’t dried my skin in any way and my skin is clearer and more balanced that in recent months. I only use one pump each time I use it so I envisage it lasting quite a while. If you’re interested in trying out the Sunday Riley range, a cleanser is a more affordable way to dip your toe in then say the facial oils….£98!!! Yikes, I’m afraid to even ask the € price, though in fairness to SpaceNK, Ceramic Slip is £35/€42 so they haven’t gone the way of some UK Retailers ahem Topshop and rode us bareback on the currency conversion. They also do a cream based cleanser called Charisma Creme for drier skin types.

SpaceNK are very generous with samples, so if you’re interested in trying out the range, be sure and call in and ask for advice instore. I was helped by Mark, who couldn’t have been more lovely or helpful.




26 thoughts on “Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

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  3. I recently got this from Cult Beauty and it’s working wonders on my skin. I will never be without it….ever. Holy grail product! Love the blog.

  4. Oh this sounds great! Me want! At first it sounds expensive, but if you only need to use a small amount then its worth it. Great review!

    • Thanks Shygirl. Oh it’s expensive, no doubt about it. But it should last me a while & I’ve decided to stop moaning about my skin & invest in some proper skincare to help balance & hydrate it.

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