What is your most favourite piece of makeup?


Your MOST favourite now, the thing you couldn’t imagine every being without now that you’ve got your grubby mitts on it. It doesn’t need to be something that you use every day, or even that often. It just needs to inspire a deep and abiding love in you.

For me it’s a red lipstick. But not just any auld red lipstick, a bright red matte lipstick. It’s NARS Dragon Girl. It is the lipstick (pencil) that finally turned me from a red-lipo-phobe to a full on, “look at me, I’m gorgeous” red lip diva. A cool toned red with a hint of pink to it, it suits my pale and pink toned complexion to a tee. It’s a cinch to apply, lasts forever and wears off evenly leaving a pretty stain on the lips. I love it. I cannot, and will not live without it ever again. It completes me.

What is your favourite piece of makeup? Go on, tell your Auntie Evie.


14 thoughts on “What is your most favourite piece of makeup?

  1. Oh god, that’s a tough one. It’d have to be a lip product too and probably a red lippie, can’t live without them. Although himself did buy me that heart shaped ysl blush at Christmas and (horrible confession) I still haven’t used it for fear of ruining it..I just take it out and look at it every now and then and sigh happily…now THAT’S addiction for you!

    • Nice pick. I don’t have the Vice palettes, but I do adore Urban Decay shadows. I have the Box of Shadows III and like yourself, it doesn’t get a lot of use but I’d never part with it.

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