Do you have that one beauty item that you buy over and over again?

I do, it’s peachy pink blushers. A quick rummage through my stash just now brought 8 peachy pink blushers to the surface without too much bother. I’m sure if I had a good auld nose I’d come up with a few more too. They’re all the same, yet totally different…iykwim.
I, of course, have my favourites. Top 3 would be Nars Deep Throat (try not to snigger at the name), Chanel Tea Rose, (which you can see from the giant hole in the middle of it gets alot of love) and my most recent acquisition, (spurred on by the lovely @LoNiCho ) Hourglass Dim Infusion, which, while peachy pink in the pan is much sheerer and more natural, but also equally lovely. I like these as they’re not flat matte shades, they have a bit of shine or glow to them, without being overly shimmery. I like to think that that gives a more natural lit from within kind of glow to the cheeks…but what do I know, I could be talking out of my arse cakehole.


An honourable mention goes out to Mac Dainty, which is also lovely. Nars Orgasm is pretty but I can only wear it when I get a few freckles or it just looks too ruddy on my already ruddy enough cheeks. I did have a full size one but swapped it away as I rarely used it. I now have a mini one that Nars kindly sent me as a freebie with my order a while back, they’re nice like that, sign up for emails, they often send out free minis codes and the minis are GOOOOD. The only cream colours invited to the party are Stila Convertible Color in Petunia & Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral, both lovely shades, and look lovely on, but I’m a girl who needs her powder (are ye with me?) and powdering over the top just ruins their effect, so they just don’t get the love they should. Last but by no means least is a Stila blush, but I have no idea what it’s called as it’s in a make your own palette jobbie so I don’t know what any of the shades are.

What makeup product do you unintentionally (or intentionally) buy over and over again? What are you drawn to like a homing pigeon in the beauty aisle?


11 thoughts on “Do you have that one beauty item that you buy over and over again?

  1. Taking my good name in vain!! Easiest sell I ever did.

    I don’t have many blushes at all but the hourglass ones appealed to me as there are not so full on. I’m bit scared of blush.
    Now red lipstick I have every shade variation going.
    Bronzy dusky eyeshadows!! And in general “must have palettes” .
    There is reason I can’t afford to buy my own house yet.

    • Don’t listen to a word she says, instagramed me pics en all just to be sure I’d purchase. I is broke, but I’ve a lovely glow about me

  2. Nude eyeshadow palettes. I have around 7 or 8. And I now want the essence one shown on Laura’s post on yesterday.

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