January Wishlist


1. & 2. The Narsissist palette from Nars. Info on this is fairly scare so far but it is due to be released online in the US tomorrow and hopefully the UK & Ireland around the 1st February. It is allegedly £55 so I’m guessing about €70, but don’t quote me on that.

3. Stripy tube skirt from the Penneys Spring Summer 2014 collection. No idea of price yet, but it’s Penneys, so it can’t be too bad.

4. Lime Crime Velveteen in Pink Velvet. These long wearing matte liquid lipsticks have a cult following and Pink Velvet is the latest shade.  It was released in the US on November 29th and can be bought online from a number of UK sites that ship to Ireland for in and around £13 plus shipping.  It also comes in Red Velvet, a retro siren red shade and Suedeberry, an orangey coral shade.

5. & 6. Zara Grey (Synthetic) Patent Court Shoes, €39.95, available instore and online now. *Update* saw these instore today and the photo really doesn’t do them justice, they’re gorgeous. I must have them.

7. Oasis Mollie Loves range, black leather pencil skirt, €106 available instore and online now.


6 thoughts on “January Wishlist

    • It’s actually not too bad, £55 or €49. The exchange rate going in my favour rather than yours is a first. Am praying it’ll still be available when I get paid at the end of the month.

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