Cleanse Off Mitt…a cleansing revelation

Recently on twitter I was offered the chance to try out the new reusable Cleanse Off Mitt. Naturally I jumped at the chance.


The Cleanse Off Mitt is a blue microfibre mitt, similar in style to a tanning mitt and the instructions for use couldn’t be simpler. Just pop it on your hand, wet it and get rubbing at your face in the same way you would if using a face cloth after cleanser. Except with the mitt you don’t need any cleanser at all because the “specially knitted microfibre creates a hydro-mechanical process which breaks the surface tension of the oils which bond makeup products to the skin“. Well there you have it now.

It really does work! As if by magic the makeup comes off your face quickly & easily. Plus, due to the microfibre, while the mitt itself feels quite damp on your hand while using, your face itself hardly feels damp at all after using.

I was stunned by how quick & easy it was to use…for the person out there who is still using face wipes (ewwww *shudder*), they would be a simple & quick alternative that would be much better for their skin than chemical laden wipes. Currently available from Beauty Emporium at a price of €5 and available in pharmacies by the end of the month. Spread the word ladies, campaign #binthewipes is in full force, and the Cleanse Off Mitt is leading the charge.


21 thoughts on “Cleanse Off Mitt…a cleansing revelation

  1. That’s mad! It looks like the yoke I use for cleaning the sure they’re microfibre too! Does it work on mascara too Evie?

    • Hah! Tis small enough, I’d say you’d be there for a while trying to wash the floor with it. Yep Carky it does and without much rubbing either, I assumed you’d have to wear into it to get mascara off, but no.

    • It seems to be a similar idea to micellar water Co, the oils that hold the makeup to the skin are broken down so it comes right out. I was amazed how quick and easy it was. Plus it has the added advantage of mild exfoliation like using a muslin or face cloth.

    • Online for now, but should be available in pharmacies by the end of January. Also if you enter your details on their website you get entered into a competition to win a years supply of them.

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