The #irishbbloggersSS Big Reveal

Now firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of posts in recent times. Lets just say I’ve had a crappy few months, both healthwise & emotionally and leave it at that.


Onwards then to the big real of the #irishbbloggersSS.
When I saw on twitter that the beautiful & very talented Aisling from Total Makeup Addict was organising a blogger secret santa, I was in there quick as lightening. Sure who doesn’t love presents, and secret ones?? Well that just adds an air of mystery and intrigue to it all. The plan was simple, a spending cap of €20 excluding postage and you get your pressie to the other party in time for the big reveal today, Sunday the 22nd December. Names were picked by Aisling, presumably out of a hat (I’m guessing here) and I was allocated Zita from Zee-Railed. I hadn’t heard of Zita or her blog before so it’s nice to add another blog to read to the list. I had the idea in my head to get Zita my favourite Essie polish, Beyond Cosy which is a lovely silvery gold sparkly shade, which I thought would be great for Christmas. Unfortunately it couldn’t be found anywhere for love nor money, not could the Catrice palette that I also intended on purchasing, so I had to do a bit of rethinking. In the end I settled on 3 things that for me are synonymous with Christmas, cherry red nails, smokey eyes and chocolate. I hope that Zita enjoys using her presents as much as I would, I’m definitely guilty of always buying presents of stuff I’d like to receive myself.

My own present was from the lovely Seana at Innocent Illusion. Again Seana’s was another blog I hadn’t heard of before, as was the lovely product she sent to me as my present. The Body Shop The Sparkler, is a loose powder highlighter with sparkle in it. It comes in a fabulously vintage looking frosted glass bottle with a pale pink atomiser, which shoots out lovely scented pale pink glittery powder. According to The Body Shop you can use this on your face, body and hair. Now I’ve only had a chance to do a quite spritz on my arm but going by the amount of glitter I’d say it might be better suited to hair & body use that for on the face, but it is a lovely shade of pale pink and smells really pretty. Also, I’d say spraying into your hand and then applying with a brush maybe the best application method as from the image below you can see that quite alot sprayed out from just one pump of the atomiser.


This will get a thorough roadtesting over the Christmas, I’d say it’d be lovely to highlight collar bones and shoulders in a strapless dress, which is pretty much my go to outfit for nights out over the festive season. Thanks Seana for such a lovely and thoughtful present. I hope you got a lovely present from your Secret Santa. And Aisling, you little legend, I hope Santy spoils you rotten this year, thanks for having such an amazing idea and letting me join in. Merry Christmas everyone xxx


5 thoughts on “The #irishbbloggersSS Big Reveal

  1. Oooh that looks so pretty.. & sure it’ll be nice on your dressing table too! hope you & the family have a fabulous Christmas xx

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