Review: Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

I was so looking forward to the launch of this product. I waited (and saved space on my credit card) impatiently. And ordered it over the phone from Brown Thomas in Cork as soon as it became available…..costing me the princely sum of €6 postage (come on now, seriously BT?) on top of the already hefty €50 price tag. But I had to have it, I mean look at it, it’s beautiful.



Sadly the product itself let me down with a great big stinking thud. It’s just so hard to blend. The majority of the shadows are very, very powdery, causing major fall out. The darker shades are nigh on impossible to blend (I’m looking at you Rich Chocolate) and the glitter! What can I say about the glitter shade? It looks fantastic in the pan, (it was what completely sold me on the palette at first sight) but there is no colour payoff. It has a very hard texture that makes it quite hard to pick up product, so you end up with a few loose bits of glitter (that inevitably will end up on your cheeks instead of your lids) and none of the background colour. I was sooo disappointed with this and was on the verge of resigning it the “to swap” pile when I chanced a bit of a googling session and found an interview with a former Bobbi Brown makeup artist with a guide on how to use Bobbi Brown eyeshadows. I had intended on linking the interview, but of course I cannot find it again for love nor money. So I’ll just tell you what I can remember and have been putting into practice since.

1. Do not use eye primer. I was using mine with Urban Decay primer potion and it really was a match made in hell.

2. Use alot and I mean alot of the palest shade Bone as a base before using any other shade.

3. The bigger end of the double ended brush that comes with the palette is actually quite good, for some reason my Real Techniques brushes don’t really get along with the shadows, they blend the colours away to nothing.

4. Try to pat, rather than brush the colour on, I found the more I brushed it, the more the colour disappeared and I ended up with patchy bits.

5. The really dark shades, like Rich Chocolate are not meant to be use to define in the crease like you might think. Used dry along the lashline you get a smudgy liner look. Used wet along the lashline you get a brilliantly pigmented liner that is very easy to apply.

6. I found that patting on shadow and using minimal brushing during application, and then taking my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush and very lightly blending the edges of the shadows to get rid of any harsh lines and smudge everything together better, creates the best effect with these shadows.

7. I’m thinking that really digging into the glitter shade and then patting it on over a cream shadow might help with the application. I’ll get back to you on that, though I’d say if you’re trying that, do your eyes before your foundation just in case there is major glitter fallout.

Unfortunately, the amount of work involved in getting these shadows to “work” for me, means they’re not something I can lash on quickly in the morning before heading out to work, but if I have a bit more time to spare then they can create a lovely look. I’m glad I found a way to use them as I really wanted to love them and was so disappointed when they weren’t what I’d dreamed they’d be.

Edit: I finally found that article from the ex Bobbi Brown makeup artist again. Here is the link.

15 thoughts on “Review: Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette

  1. I had a similar experience with a Bobbi Brown palette before – hated the glitter and found the pigmentation poor – it got swapped. You expect so much for the price!

    • So true. I’m actually trying it again today using a natural brush rather than syntethic and patting on. Having some success but it’s shouldn’t be this hard to get your eyeshadow to work.

  2. That’s such a shame. Bizarre that people are reviewing this and saying how great it is, like if you have to put that much work in for that price??? You’d expect quality like that from a much cheaper brand, very disappointing!

    • I know, Temptalia’s review said they were a bit hard to work with too. I promise it’s not just that I’m rubbish at blending. I’ve no problem with my other eye shadows.

  3. Aww love, I’m so sorry this was a disappointment! It sucks when you have high hopes AND spend a good chunk of change just to be let down. That is why I shop at places that will let you return or exchange products no questions asked. Does the company you ordered from have a return policy? I’d call and ask. If not, at least your not forced to swap it out and have found a way to make it work! I agree with one of the previous comments– email customer service, they may be able to give you a coupon code or something!

  4. Oh no I was so hopeful that you could get it to work better for you. So annoying it might be worth your while going on BB website and message the customer service with your concerns .It can’t hurt !!

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