OOTD Featuring My New Steve Madden Boots

Soooo this is my very first OOTD. Now don’t be getting too excited, tis nothing fancy, but I just had to show ye my new boots. There was FINALLY a slight dip in temperature and humidity today, so I decided it was only right and proper to give them an outing….even it if was only as far as Tesco and back again.


OOTD Featuring Steve Madden Banddit Boots, Topshop Baxter Jeans,
Zara Organic Cotton V Neck Tee, eBay Bubble Necklace.


Close up of the eBay Bubble Necklace.


Buckle & strap detailing on the Steve Madden Banddit boots.

The Steve Madden Banddit boots are really comfy, and quite warm too. They’re a little big fitting, but just a little, I’d normally size up in boots and then have to wear 2 pairs of socks, but I got my normal size and they’re perfect….room to move but not falling off you either. They also come in a distressed grey and a gorgeous brown colour. I adored the brown, but I already have brown boots so I went with the black and I’m very happy with them. I purchased from Dune and the service and delivery was speedy and second to none. The jeans are Topshop Baxter skinny jeans, they’re more straight than skinny and I’ve had them for years. They haven’t faded much and are pretty damn perfect except that the waist could be a smidgen higher, your butt crack peeping out to say hello when you bend down to pick something up is soooo over. The tee shirt is from Zara and I have it in a number of colours, white, black, cobalt, green….and any other colour they wish to come out with, I’m sure will find it’s way into my wardrobe too…..all by itself of course. It is made from organic cotton, is lovely and soft, washes well and has a lovely slouchy fit to it which I love. Plus it only costs €7.95….for organic cotton!!! Zara’s other cotton tee shirts cost twice the price, makes no sense to me, but do I care? Not a bit, all in all it’s a pretty perfect tee shirt and you’ll still have change for a coffee out of a tenner….nothing wrong with that. The necklace I bought on eBay for around €4 including shipping from China. One of the beads got slightly damaged in transit, by for that price I won’t complain. There are dozens of eBay sellers with this kind of necklace, just search for bubble necklace and take your pick.


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