30 Days of Beauty…….Day 3

Day 3


d17069436d7ee5329dd36d0ac4de2259I am a fiend for Essie nail polishes. I don’t go in for all that nail art stuff, cause (a) I’d be rubbish at it, and (b) couldn’t be arsed, and sure where would I find the time? Painting my nails all the one colour which watching trashy tv is a relaxing treat of an evening when the munchkin is gone to bed.
My summertime favourites are Fiji, a very very pale pink, almost white but with a hint of pink to it. A Crewed Interest, a lovely peach with a creme finish. Bikini So Teeny, a pale blue with a hint of shimmer. Mint Candy Apple, a pale greenish blue creme. Bangle Jangle, a lovely lavender and Tart Deco, a vibrant corally peach. Unfortunately the more recent ones I ordered online as I was not able to find them on stand anywhere, have the older skinny brush and it’s rubbish. The new flatter brush is much better for application, generally 2 coats gives decent opacity, depending on the shade you may need 3, but for the most part 2 does me just fine. I use Essie Nourish Me basecoat and then 2 coats of my chosen polish (I usually don’t bother with a top coat) and I generally get 2-3 days before I start to get wear at the tips and anything up to 5 days before it starts to chips, which when you’re a momma and constantly have your hands in and out of water or scraping some unknown substance off the floor/wall/tv, 5 days is pretty damn good. Next on my list for purchase (if I can ever find it) is Penny Talk, a fabulous bronze metallic shade.


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Beauty…….Day 3

  1. Ooh nails, my favourite! I don’t have too many Essies as I didn’t like the old skinny brush either, but I love the new one so I want more now, hope I get the new brush in the next ones I buy! Good idea to clean the brush from the unwanted bottle.
    The one I got most recently is Chinchilly, a gorgeous taupey grey.

    • That one is lovely but I already have Smokin Hot which is a purply grey, they’re kinda similar so I didn’t With Chinchilly. The ones on stands seem to have the new brush, the ones I got I ordered online & never thought to check before ordering.

    • It is gorgeous, but it has the crappy skinny brush. I have one god awful nannified shade with the good brush, am gonna clean the brush & use it for the shades with the skinny brush.

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