The hunt for the perfect mojito

Since the heat wave hit Ireland in the last week I have been on the hunt for fresh mint leaves in order to make mojitos. Mojitos just remind me of holidays and sunny evenings and I just had to have one. Apparently the whole of Newcastle had the same idea; as I had been unable to track any down despite numerous trips to Tesco, Lidl, two different SuperValu’s and numerous green grocers & newsagents. I finally came across some in Supervalu today, so naturally cleared out the display and now have a fine stash in my fridge. So for any fellow mojito lovers, here is the recipe for a classic mojito.

Cut 1/2 a lime into 4 sections and put one into a strong glass with a handful of mint leaves and muddle/crush/squeeze the juice and mint together using a pestle or the back of a spoon. Add 2 tbsp caster sugar/brown sugar and the remaining 3 pieces of lime and muddle with the spoon again. Add ice almost filling the glass to the top, pour 1.5 fl oz’s rum over the ice & top up with soda water. Give it a good stir, you can add more sugar to taste but I find it stays gritty and you get a pile in the bottom of your drink if its not muddled into the lime juice.

For a less traditional version you can muddle strawberries in with the mint & lime. Sit outside and sip through a straw while relaxing in the evening sun with some good company…..the perfect way to spend a summers evening.


7 thoughts on “The hunt for the perfect mojito

  1. For next summer buy a mint plant at the nearest garden centre, i had the same problem a few years ago, we went mad for mojitos after having them on hols. I bought three different types of mint and set them in an old Belfast sink, they die away every winter and come back bigger than ever in the spring. The only thing is put them in a container of some sort because if put in the ground they’ll spread like wildfire*.
    *unless you’ve a massive garden and don’t mind that!

    • Hmm I might do that. I used but the ones you get in Tesco in a tub & leave them on the window sill but they started getting attacked by some horrible white sticky substance so I threw them out.

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