Maybelline Color Tattoo Pink Gold

20130709-202011.jpgI know I’m a bit late to the party with the Color Tatoos, but when I recently asked for rose gold eyeshadow recommendations on this product was mentioned by a number of people. So when I spotted it in my local chemist last week, I naturally snapped it up quick smart.
It comes in a little glass tub with a black plastic lid, not unlike the Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadows, which I am unable to blend out to save my life. You get 4g of product and it cost approx. €7.50, which is fairly reasonably priced in my book. Now I have trialed this a few times over the last few overwhelmingly hot days, and I gotta say….this sucker lasts and lasts. I am utterly useless at applying cream eyeshadows, always have been. I think I push them around my eyelid rather than smudge them gently in as I usually end up with gappy bits, so you can imagine my delight that I, the most cack handed person known to man, am able to smear it on my eyelid and blend it out quickly and easily before it “sets”. But boys when it sets, there is no budging it. I put it on Sunday morning over a little Urban Decay primer potion and headed out for a roasting hot day at the beach and didn’t get much chance to look in the mirror again til I was talking off my makeup (or what was left of it, this heat…wha??) and my eyeshadow was still there, looking exactly as it had when I first applied it.


Now it’s not exactly the shade I was looking for, I’d prefer something a bit darker, more coppery looking if you catch my drift, but I love the texture of it, and the ease of application, and the longevity. It will go lovely with a chocolate brown in the crease for a neutral smoky eye. I tried to take a photo of the finished look but either my camera is a bit crap, or I am so the shade on my eyes is not exactly true to life, but you’ll get the idea. Please ignore my lovely shiny nose….it’s this sweltering heat, I’m not able lads I tells ya.  I feel like I should be thrown melodramatically across a couch while tall sculpted adonis’s fan me with huge leaves and feed me grapes & what not.

So have you tried any of the Color Tatoo’s? What did you think of them, and what others should I get??


4 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo Pink Gold

  1. I can’t wait to pick up this shade. I have the taupe and the coppery colour and love them both so much. You’re spot on about the lasting power – I’m convinced they’d never come off if you just left them alone. Hopefully the next time I’m in Boots the Pink Gold will be in stock; there hasn’t been so much as a tester for it the last few times I tried!

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