What I learned this weekend about bringing a toddler to the beach…

….Don’t!!! Just kidding, the beach part is actually deadly craic, it’s the before and afterwards that aren’t.

  • Don’t tell them the day before that you are going to the beach tomorrow. You will be asked “now beach?” every five minutes til the words lose all meaning….
    you will also be woken at 5.30am the following morning by an excited little person who thinks it’s a perfectly appropriate time to get up.
  • Get up and go, do not allow the designated driver to have a lie in til 10.30 so when you eventually get to the beach it’s nearly lunchtime and you have to go find food for the small person before heading to the beach…they will make a holy show of you screaming the place down while you try and get some food into them.
  • Bring nutritious snacks that you can hold for them as they eat…like bananas, note to self….rice cakes are not a good idea, sand and rice cakes do not mix.
  • The beach part itself was great, he loved it and was covered in sand from head to foot (bring baby powder, it soaks up the moisture so you can just dust the sand off when it’s time to go home). The water was freezing, but he loved it….he stayed in til he started shaking with the cold and had to be karted out.
  • Bring toys, small ones to keep them distracted while eating out, and larger ones like dumper trucks & diggers for playing with in the sand, sandcastle making gets boring very fast to a 2 year old.
  • Leave while you still have plenty of time to get home for dinner and bathtime, we started to pack up at 4, stopped to get icecream, (which of course melted everywhere really fast and had to be thrown out causing another tantrum), again at Lidl to get moss peat for planting and of course by the time we got home he had fallen asleep. Had to wake him to eat something at 6.30pm and he was so tired he lay on the floor and cried. When he eventually got to bed it was too hot for him to sleep so he cried some more.
  • Pay attention to your own sunscreen. I spent ages covering the kid in Factor 50+ and then applied my own, apparently a bit haphazardly as I now have 2 fine red shoulder blades and the backs of my knees are on fire….gah!
  • Have fun, they’re only young for a short period of time and while the organization, getting there and aftermath can suck ass at times, the actual beach part is so much fun and they love it.

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