Nars The Immaculate Complexion Loose Powder

4697bcc6-0fa9-4b6f-b7e6-ebc76fefc65cI ordered this online at as there is no Nars counter within a couple of hours drive from me.  I chose Snow, which is the palest shade available out of 6 shades.  Snow is described as being “For porcelain-like effects, or the fairest skin”.  
It is light but with a distinct pinky tone to it.  It is a triple milled powder so very soft and light.  I find you only really need a teeny bit to set your makeup and it leaves a light matte finish, if a little bit too powdery for my tastes.  It lasts well throughout the day, except for around my nose where I am oily and require a lunchtime top up of powder to keep my makeup from disintegrating off my nose before the day is out. I like it alot, but I don’t love it. I prefer Laura Mercier loose translucent powder and I was torn between getting that or the Nars. I chose the Nars in the end as I hadn’t tried it before and thought it would work well with my Sheer Glow Foundation, which it does.  It costs €37, which is quite spendy for a powder, but it is huge compared to most powders.  The Laura Mercier, also €37 on is only 1oz, whereas the Nars is 1.2oz. I just happen to prefer the finish of the Laura Mercier, it’s most glowy rather than a flat matte finish. Have you tried either? What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment, g’wan.


7 thoughts on “Nars The Immaculate Complexion Loose Powder

  1. I’ve one of the smashbox ones that you twist and it shaves off powder and I find it excellent, I’ve had run ins with loose powder before so as shygirl says, the pressed ones work out for me the best.

    You’re tempting with all these nars products but I’m already sucumbing to Catrice and Essence pencils and eyeshadow stick things and I adore them. I don’t use foundation or that on my skin really unless I need to, but when I do it’s either the benefit porefessional, bourjois healthy mix over some smashbox primer and a sweep of powder to set.

    I think I’m quite lazy…..

  2. I think this looks lovely, but I generally used pressed powders as I have had problems with spillages in the past.

    • I leave a large powder puff squished into the lid and then hold the lid on with a hair bobble, stops powder explosions in your handbag AND you’ll always have a powder puff handy for touch ups.

  3. Chalky taste, umm ok?! Lol, can’t say I remember that happening. It does have a lovely luminous finish though doesn’t it? I like the Nars and will be quite happy to use up the rest, but when it’s gone…in about 10 years, the SIZE of it!!…I will go back to the Laura Mercier.

  4. I have the Laura Mercier and think it’s a pretty perfect powder except for that weird chalky taste I get in my mouth (yes, I do close my mouth, it happens anyway!) when i use it. Haven’t tried the nars but it’ll take me forever to get through the LM one I’d say. Great review!

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