I felt all domesticated yesterday so I decided to whip up a batch of scones…..form an orderly queue there and no pushing at the back please.  I have this recipe for a few years, I got it in BBC’s Good Food Magazine.  The recipe is simple enough,
I don’t have a food processor, but I do have a mixer so I just beat the shite out of the butter and then add the dry ingredients into it and beat again til it looks like fine breadcrumbs. I was out of self raising flour so I used plain and then doubled the amount of baking powder & they turned out just as nice as they normally do.  They’re lovely eaten warm on the day, but you can bung em into the oven the following day for a few minutes to revive them.  You can also freeze them easily and just leave to stand out to defrost and perk em up in the oven before serving.  I love them with clotted cream and runny raspberry jam but I couldn’t get a hold of clotted cream yesterday so I used low fat creme fraiche and it tasted lovely.  They’re also lovely with plain aul butter. I had great plans to use fresh cherries in them as I have some in the fridge, but dingbat that I am, I had the dough fully mixed up before I remembered the cherries so it was too late.

So here is a picture of them….on my fanciest china of course for photographies sake, I take a rubbish picture so I’m hoping the food porn and fancy china will draw attention from that ;D


4 thoughts on “Scones

  1. ooh, they look lovely! The picture is not rubbish.. you’ve made me hungry just looking at them (and that’s after a huge lunch!!) I’m going to have to make some scones next week!

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