Hello & Welcome

Hello & welcome to my first ever blog post….eeeek!! I intend this to be a place filled with beauty & frivolity. Reviews of beauty products I have tried, wishlists of items I adore, outfits I wear or would wear if only I had the resources/figure. I hope that you find a little something shiny & pretty to catch your eye here and that you might stop by from time to time and have a little nose around. Do comment if you see anything you like or tell me how you got along with a product I reviewed, I’d love to hear from you. I would really like to thank the lovely Chloe at Nurse Fancy Pants for convincing me to give blogging a go, and to all the other lovely bloggers for their kind words & encouragement.


12 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome

  1. Well done. Very nice look and feel. Looking forward to reading more of this blog. The Nars review was great – I want to purchase now

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